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Why is it Necessary to Maintain and Replace your Car or Truck Lights


truck lights

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, there are numerous things to keep tabs on. You need to make sure your brake system is in order, keep up to date with oil changes, and make sure your tires are in good shape. If you ignore these things, you may experience vehicle issues that are expensive to fix. As with most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

With all the different parts there are to proper vehicle maintenance, it’s easy to let your vehicle lights slip through the cracks. After all, your truck will still run even with broken lights. However, maintaining and replacing your lights is important for your personal safety, the longevity of your vehicle, and your finances.


Anyone who’s ever driven at night knows the importance of headlights. They allow you to see what’s ahead of you in times of low visibility, which is crucial for driving safely and avoiding collisions. It’s also important that other drivers can see your headlights when you’re driving.

The strength of your headlights diminishes over time, so it’s important to be mindful of their brightness and replace them when necessary. But you may not need to get your bulbs replaced the moment you notice they’re a bit less bright. First, you should try cleaning them. Sometimes this is all it takes to restore the brightness of your headlights.

It’s for the safety of everyone on the road that many places legally require cars to have working headlights. Help keep others safe and avoid hefty fines by ensuring your vehicle’s headlights are in good working order!

Tail Lights

Just as important as your headlights are your tail lights. Tail lights allow drivers behind you to know of your presence, reducing the risk of accidents at night or in foggy conditions.

Tail lights are also important for signaling. To drive safely, other drivers must know when you’re going to turn or change lanes.

Like with headlights, you risk being pulled over and getting a ticket if you have a burnt-out tail light. All the better reason to make sure your tail lights bulbs are properly maintained.

Brake Lights

If you’re unfamiliar with vehicles, it’s easy to mix up your tail lights and brake lights. But make no mistake, just because one set of lights is working doesn’t mean the other is. Brake lights illuminate when you’re stopping or slowing down. This is important for other drivers, who might accidentally read-end you if your brake lights don’t go off. A burnt-out brake light bulb could also get you a ticket. Noticing a pattern here?

Dashboard Lights

It isn’t just important to maintain lights on your vehicle’s exterior. Some lights are meant to alert you of issues with your vehicle, such as the brake warning light on your dashboard. This light may indicate an issue with your brakes, which is something to take seriously.

If you don’t keep an eye on your instrument cluster, you might have faulty dashboard lights and not even know it. Remember, it’s much easier to replace a dashboard bulb than to risk a major vehicle malfunction while on the road!

Clearance Lights

Some large vehicles have clearance lights, which are located on the tops and sides of a vehicle’s exterior. These lights show other drivers the width and height of large vehicles. This is especially important on narrow roads and in parking lots.

If your truck has clearance lights, it’s important to maintain them and ensure they are visible to other drivers. This will reduce the chance of getting into an accident when driving.

Beacon Lights

Trucks used in highway maintenance and construction often have beacon lights installed on them. These lights flash and rotate and are meant to alert oncoming drivers to exercise caution.

If you use beacon lights for your truck, it’s crucial to keep them in working order. This is especially the case in construction zones, where it’s imperative that oncoming drivers slow down.

If you’re looking into beacon lights, keep in mind there may be laws about what vehicles are allowed to have them. Don’t think you can just throw one on your truck for decoration!

Rock Lights

If you’re looking for some additional lights for your truck, consider investing in rock lights. These lights are endlessly customizable and can be installed on the underside of your vehicle. They are a stylish addition to your truck, but they also provide practical benefits.

If you’re taking your truck for some off-roading, rock lights can help you navigate over rough terrain. Whether you’re doing some repairs by your wheels or simply trying to get into your truck in a dark parking lot, a bit of extra light never hurts.

LED Light Bars

Like rock lights, LED light bars are also a worthy investment. LED light bars for trucks come in many different shapes or sizes, so you can choose whatever you feel looks best on your vehicle. They’re also available in all sorts of colors, meaning you can use them to customize your truck to your heart’s content.

An LED bar on the front of your truck can help illuminate the road ahead of you along with your headlights. If you’re using your truck at a worksite, an LED bar provides additional lighting and allows you to work long past sunset.


Lights are an essential part of all vehicles both for safety and function. There’s a good reason there are legal requirements to have working lights when driving. Whether you stick with the lights your truck already has or delve into the vast aftermarket of vehicle lights, it’s important to pay attention to the condition of your lights and replace them if the need arises.

Whether you’re looking for LED lights, F150 lights, light mounts, or other accessories, RV Part Shop has you covered. Check out our online store to find what you need.

Safe driving!

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