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7 Crucial Terms and Conditions to Include in Your RV Rental Agreement

An RV rental agreement is a legally binding contract between the RV owner (lessor) and the person renting the RV (lessee). It outlines the terms and conditions under which the RV can be rented, ensuring both parties are aware of their responsibilities and obligations.

A Beginner’s Handbook to Discovering the Top Camping Hammocks: Expert Tips and Suggestions

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy the great outdoors? Have you ever considered swapping your traditional tent for camping hammocks? If you're new to the concept of hammock camping or simply want to learn more about it, you've come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need on hammock campings.

Top 4 Hot Water Heaters for an RV – Is Tankless the answer?

A reliable hot water heater for an RV presents comforts and necessities accessible to all adventure enthusiasts. Read to learn about the top 4 hot water heaters.


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Discover the Hidden Treasures of RV Travel: Can’t-Miss Historical Landmarks and Museums

RV travel offers an unparalleled blend of freedom, flexibility, and fun, opening up a world of possibilities for the curious traveler. Here's your guide, leading you to some of the most breathtaking historical landmarks and intriguing museums.

Why Algonquin Provincial Park Canada Is Famous Among Campers

Located in Ontario, Canada, Algonquin Provincial Park is world-renowned for its lovely pine trees, stunning scenery and the gorgeous lakes that surrou

A Detailed Guide on Wildlife Conservation Through Responsible Camping

The conservation of wildlife is an integral part of our natural ecosystems and plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of nature. From majestic elephants to tiny insects, each species contributes to the overall health and functioning of the environment.

Conquering the West Coast Trail: Your Ultimate Roadmap

The West Coast Trail, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking natural beauty. Stretching 75 km (47 miles) along the island's southwestern edge, the trail takes hikers through lush rainforests, along rugged cliffs, and across sandy beaches, offering a glimpse into the region's diverse ecosystems.

Beginner’s Guide to Kayaking for an Enjoyable Camping Trip

Introduction to KayakingTips for Cooking and Sleeping on a Kayak Camping TripWelcome to the captivating world of kayak camping, where adventure, relaxation, and nature...

Camping California – 5 Top Campgrounds & How To Book Your Spot

Top RV Campgrounds In California State - How To Book Your Spot Kaitlyn HuiCalifornia is known globally to have all you need on your ideal camping tr

Essential Guide to Rock Climbing in Red River Gorge for Beginners

Rock climbing is a great time that combines physical exertion with mental resilience. There are few locations match the allure of the Red River Gorge Located in Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest.

Mesa Verda National Park in Colorado: An In-depth Guide

Established in 1906, Mesa Verda National Park spans over 52,000 acres of rugged canyons, high plateaus, and arid desert landscapes. The park is best known for its well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings, particularly the iconic Cliff Palace, one of the most significant archaeological sites in North America.

Florida Springs Snorkeling: A Comprehensive Guide for Nature Enthusiasts

Imagine drifting over a vibrant underwater tapestry woven by nature itself, where each thread is a unique species or a ripple of sand. This is the world that awaits beneath the surface—a realm so lush and diverse it beckons nature enthusiasts like a siren song.

Be Prepared at All Times: Utilize This Step-by-Step Camping Checklist for Your Next Journey

Every experienced camper knows the importance of a well-prepared camping checklist. The thrill of camping should never compromise safety, comfort, or enjoyment.
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Welcome to This Old Campsite: Your Ultimate Guide to Camping, RVing and the Great Outdoors

Are you ready to embark on a journey of adventure and exploration? Do you yearn for the crisp mountain air, the crackling campfire, and the starry nights under an open sky? No matter what type of camping you want to enjoy, you've come to the right place. This Old Campsite is your one-stop destination for all things camping, RVing, and outdoor living.

In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into various aspects of the outdoor life and types of camping, providing you with expert insights, travel recommendations, gear reviews, and tips to make the most of your camping and RV adventures. Whether you're a seasoned camper, an RV enthusiast, or a newbie looking to dip your toes into the world of outdoor exploration, you'll find valuable information and inspiration here.

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Camping Destinations: Explore the Great Outdoors

Campgrounds and RV Parks

The foundation of any memorable camping or RV trip begins with choosing the perfect destination. At This Old Campsite, we take pride in bringing you an extensive list of campgrounds, national parks, state parks and RV parks from coast to coast. Whether you prefer the serene solitude of the backcountry or the convenience of a full-hookup RV site, we've got you covered. From the stunning landscapes of national parks to the hidden gems of state parks forests, you'll find detailed reviews and recommendations to help you plan your next camping adventure.

Outdoor Destinations

Beyond campgrounds, state parks and other RV parks, we'll introduce you to the most breathtaking outdoor destinations across North America. From the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains to the pristine beaches of the Pacific Coast, we'll provide you with travel guides, hiking trail suggestions, and insider tips to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the world.

Camping Events

Are you a fan of group camping experiences or looking for a sense of community on your trips? Our blog covers a wide array of camping events and gatherings happening throughout the year at state parks and elsewhere. Learn about music festivals in the woods, family-friendly campouts, and specialized outdoor workshops. Discover how to join these events and make new friends who share your passion for the outdoors.

Local Attractions

While the allure of nature is undeniable, sometimes you'll want to explore the local culture and attractions near your campsite. This Old Campsite will guide you to nearby towns, historic sites, museums, and restaurants, ensuring that your camping experience is not only about nature but also about embracing the rich tapestry of local life.

Camping Gear: The Tools of the Trade

No camping or RV adventure is complete without the right gear. We understand that the choices can be overwhelming, which is why we offer in-depth reviews and buying guides for camping equipment. From tents to sleeping bags, cooking stoves to outdoor apparel, we'll help you make informed decisions about your gear investments.

Camping Life: Embrace the Outdoors

Camp Food

One of the joys of camping is savoring delicious meals cooked over an open flame or camp stove. Our blog features mouthwatering camp recipes, meal planning tips, and guidance on cooking techniques that will elevate your outdoor dining experience.

Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors beckon with a multitude of activities, and This Old Campsite is your adventure companion. Explore articles on hiking, backpacking, hunting, and fishing. Whether you're a novice looking to start hiking or a seasoned angler seeking the best fishing spots, we've got valuable insights and advice.

Tent Camping

For those who prefer the simplicity and closeness to nature that tent camping offers, our blog will cover topics ranging from essential camping skills to tips for selecting the perfect campsite.

RV Camping: The Road to Freedom

Motorhomes, Pop-Up Campers, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels

RV enthusiasts, rejoice! Our blog dives deep into the world of RVs, exploring different types of recreational vehicles, their pros and cons, and helping you make informed decisions when buying or renting an RV.

RV Life

Living life on the road is a unique experience. We'll share stories, practical advice, and the ins and outs of RV living. Discover how to make the most of your space, stay connected while on the go, and create lasting memories on your RV journeys.

RV Parts and Accessories

Keep your RV in top shape with our guides on essential parts and accessories. From solar panels to awnings, we'll help you find the perfect additions to enhance your RV lifestyle.

RV Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to the longevity of your RV. Learn about essential maintenance tasks, winterization, and troubleshooting common issues to keep your home on wheels in tip-top condition.

Truck Accessories, Van Life, Trailer Hitches, and Towing

If you're towing a trailer or using a camper van for your adventures, we've got you covered. Our blog provides insights into truck accessories, van life essentials, and tips for safe and efficient towing.

Summary - This Old Campsite

At This Old Campsite, we are passionate about helping you create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors, regardless of the type of camping. Our team of seasoned campers, RVers, and outdoor enthusiasts is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to embark on epic adventures. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country expedition, let us be your trusted guide to camping, RVing, and the outdoor life.

Join our community of like-minded adventurers, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, and start your journey towards a life filled with outdoor exploration and endless possibilities. The wilderness is calling, and we're here to help you answer that call. Happy camping, RVing, and wandering!