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About the Offer

We are a leading information source for all topics related to RVing and the RV lifestyle. We operate the blogs This Old Campsite and RV Travel Life as well as ecommerce sites at RV Part Shop Canada and RV Part Shop USA. For all sites, we are looking for relevant and invigorating contributions from authors who wish to write for us.

Write for us because it’s a way for you to leave an imprint for yourself, with your content being available to thousands of readers in perpetuity. If you are in the RV, Auto, Camping or Outdoor niches, there is no better way to be discovered than contributing to one of the leading sites publishing articles about related topics. We want content that offers a variety of perspectives on the outdoor lifestyle to our readers and is both informative and professional. If you share this vision, please read on.

What Kinds of Articles are we looking for?

We have focused on producing informative content on the RV and outdoor lifestyle in general. But we know there are a lot of related subjects that our audience wants to hear about. This is where you can contribute.

Everyone is on a different path in life and has a different story to tell and advice to provide. We hope that guest writers like you can bring a unique perspective to the outdoor activities we all love.

Topics that We Focus On

•                      RV Parts and Accessories

•                      RV Travel Tips and Hacks

•                      Marine Parts

•                      Truck Accessories

•                      Camping & Outdoor Gear Reviews

•                      RV and Boating Destinations, Activities and Attractions

•                      Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Sports

•                      RV and Pleasure Boat Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

•                      Campground Reviews

•                      RV Rentals

•                      Recipes (RV-Friendly ones preferred)

•                      Retirement Planning Topics with a Retirement Travel Angle

•                      Any other topic related to Outdoor Recreation

If those are the kind of subjects that you can write about, we would love to have you write for us. If what you want to write about is not on our list, we will still give your pitch thoughtful attention.

Restrictions and Specifications

Articles must be high-quality, unique written content with a minimum of 1000 words in length. Please provide at least two original or royalty-free images (or YouTube/Vimeo links) to make your article more interesting. The main banner image should be exactly 870px X 348px.

Each section of an article list should include a subtitle. Adding an image to every section is appreciated as well. Again, video links are more than acceptable.

If you want to promote yourself when you write for us, then please place only links that are unbroken, dependable, and related to your article.

Finally, give your topic a twist on the main theme you are writing about to make it unique, it will give the article more exposure in the search engines and more eyes on your content and links.

NOTE: We only accept backlinks to sites that have a reasonable relationship to the topics on the site, so the subject matter of your article must be relevant to the site niche. We do not accept links to sites promoting sexual content, religion, politics, gambling, CBD, payday loans, weapons or any other high-risk industry.

Write for Us – The Benefits of Contributing

We want you to gain as much as possible from contributing to our website which is why we will make sure to promote your post as much as possible and including links back to your business, website, or blog. We regularly promote articles that are months old so your article would never be forgotten, meaning you would have a constant flow of clicks and traffic.

An accepted guest post can contain up to two backlinks with anchor text to topic or industry-related sites only in the body of the article. In addition to the exposure for your name as a writer, these backlinks will provide improved SEO and traffic for your own site.

If your objective is promotion of your brand through guest posts and your content is well-written, we may also have other opportunities available to you for guest posting on other sites in the same niche.

We also require author bios with links (if desired) to the author’s personal or company site as well as any social media links you would like to include. Please provide bio text with related expertise in the article subject, a headshot image and the author weblink/social media links.

Our editors will edit your post, add additional content, optimize it if necessary for SEO, and ensure it is 100% error free prior to publication.

How to Contribute Your Article

If you have read the above guidelines and want to contribute a post, please send us a message by filling out and submitting the form below.

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