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From Portable to Solar-Powered: Explore the 10 Best Camp Showers for Outdoor Camping

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Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts know that camping is more than just a passion, it’s a lifestyle. One of the challenges that arise while camping is maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, especially when you are in the heart of nature, away from the comforts of home. That’s where camping showers come into play. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the world of camping showers, their types, important features, along with reviews of the top 10 camping showers for outdoor camping.


Understanding the Importance of Camp-Showers

When you’re out in the wilderness, taking a refreshing shower can seem like a luxury. Yet, maintaining personal hygiene is essential not only for comfort but also for health. Camping showers provide a convenient way to clean up after a day filled with hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activities. They wash away dirt, sweat, and grime, keeping you refreshed and ready for the next day’s adventure. Furthermore, they can also be used for tasks like washing dishes or cleaning gear, making them a versatile addition to your camping equipment. If you are always on the go, consider one with a shower bag for camping

The Evolution of Camping Showers

Camp-showers have come a long way since their early days. Originally, camping showers were simple arrangements involving a bucket of water and a cloth. As technology advanced, we saw the introduction of portable showers that included a pump to help move water from the water source to the user. In the last few decades, more sophisticated types of camping showers like solar-powered, propane, and battery-powered showers have emerged, providing a variety of options for campers to choose from according to their needs and preferences.

The Different Types of Camp Showers

Portable Camping Showers

Portable camp- showers are among the most popular types of camping showers due to their simplicity and affordability. They typically consist of a water container and a camp shower head, connected by a hose. The water is manually pumped or gravity-fed from the container to the shower head, providing a shower experience akin to what you’d get at home. These showers are lightweight and easy to pack, making them an excellent choice for backpackers and hikers.who need to conserve space and weight in their gear.

Our Camp Shower System — Portable, HOT & Private!

One of the main advantages of portable camping showers is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, including camping trips, beach outings, and even when traveling in a camper van or RV. With a portable camping shower, you can have the luxury of a refreshing shower wherever you go.

In terms of affordability, portable camping showers are often much cheaper than other types of camping showers, such as solar-powered or propane-powered models. This makes them a great option for budget-conscious campers who still want to enjoy the convenience of a shower while in the great outdoors.

The simplicity of portable camping showers also adds to their appeal. They are typically very easy to set up and use, requiring minimal assembly and no complicated plumbing. Many models feature adjustable water pressure settings, allowing you to customize your shower experience according to your preferences.

While portable camping showers do have their advantages, it’s important to consider their limitations. Since they rely on manual pumping or gravity for water flow, the pressure may not be as strong as what you’re used to at home. Additionally, the capacity of the water container may be limited, so multiple showers or longer showers may require refilling.

Overall, portable camping showers are a convenient and affordable option for outdoor enthusiasts who want to maintain cleanliness and hygiene during their adventures. Whether you’re backpacking through the wilderness or enjoying a weekend getaway at a campground, a portable camping shower can provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Solar-Powered Camp-Showers

Solar-powered camping showers offer an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way to enjoy a hot shower while camping. These showers use solar energy to heat water stored in a special bag that absorbs sunlight. The heated water then flows through a connected hose and shower head. While these showers need sunlight to heat water effectively, they are a great choice for summer camping trips and are often favored by environmentally conscious campers. Some even come with a camp solar shower bag for extra convince.

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Propane Camping Showers

For those who prioritize having hot water regardless of weather conditions, propane camp- showers are an ideal choice. These showers use propane fuel to heat water quickly and efficiently. While they are generally more expensive and heavier than other types of camping showers, their ability to provide hot water in a matter of minutes makes them a preferred choice for many campers, particularly for winter camping or for larger groups.

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Battery-Powered Camp Showers

Battery-powered camping showers provide a modern twist on the traditional camping shower. They use battery power to pump water from a source like a bucket or a lake into a showerhead. Some models even have built-in water heaters. These showers are convenient and easy to use, but remember to keep spare batteries on hand and be mindful of water sources to ensure a constant supply.

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Features to Look for in a Camp Shower

Water Capacity

The water capacity of a camp-shower is one of its most important features. This determines how long you can shower before needing to refill the tank. For a quick rinse, a smaller capacity might suffice, but if you’re planning to wash your hair or take a longer shower, you might need a shower with a larger water capacity.

Heating Method

The heating method is another crucial factor to consider while choosing a camping shower. As we’ve seen, showers can use solar energy, propane, or batteries to heat water. The choice depends on your specific needs. If you want a hot shower regardless of the weather, propane might be your best option. For those seeking an eco-friendly solution, solar-powered showers would be ideal.


Portability is a key consideration for any camping gear, and camping showers are no exception. You need a shower that’s lightweight and compact enough to easily fit in your backpack or car. Portable and battery-powered showers tend to excel in this aspect, though there are compact models available in other types as well.


Last but not least, durability matters. Your camping shower should be able to withstand the rigors of outdoor usage. High-quality materials and sturdy construction are indicators of a long-lasting camping shower. Keep an eye out for models with reinforced hoses, durable water containers, and rust-resistant components.

Top 10 Camp-Showers for Outdoor Camping

Review of each Camp Shower

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve into the reviews of the top 10 camping showers for outdoor camping. We will focus on their pros and cons, price, and user feedback to give you a comprehensive picture of what each shower has to offer.

1. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower:
– Pros: Large capacity, easy to use, durable construction.
– Cons: Takes a while to heat up, can be heavy when filled.
– Price: $29.99
– User feedback: Users appreciated the shower’s sturdiness and the fact that it provided a decent water flow. Some mentioned that it took longer than expected to heat up in direct sunlight.

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2. Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower:
– Pros: Provides good water pressure, lightweight, compact.
– Cons: Limited capacity (2.9 gallons), requires manual pumping for pressure.
– Price: $99.95
– User feedback: Users loved the portability and convenience of this shower. The pressure was impressive, but some found the manual pumping to be tiring after a while.

camp shower

3. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower:
– Pros: Rechargeable battery, multiple spray settings, easy to use.
– Cons: Limited battery life, shorter hose length.
– Price: $39.99
– User feedback: Users praised the versatility of this shower with its various spray settings. However, some mentioned that the battery life could be improved.

camp shower

4. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower:
– Pros: Solar-powered heating, affordable price, large capacity.
– Cons: Long heating time, average water pressure.
– Price: $11.94
– User feedback: Users liked the budget-friendly price and the fact that it heated up using solar energy. However, the shower took quite a long time to heat up fully.

camp shower

5. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower:
– Pros: Compact and lightweight, easy to pack, good water flow.
– Cons: Limited capacity (2.6 gallons), requires hanging for use.
– Price: $32.95
– User feedback: Users appreciated the portability and efficiency of this shower. However, some wished for a larger capacity and an easier way to hang it.

camp shower

6. RinseKit Portable Shower:
– Pros: High-pressure spray, no pumping required, large capacity.
– Cons: Expensive, heavy when filled.
– Price: $99.99
– User feedback: Users loved the strong water pressure and the fact that no pumping was necessary. However, some found the price to be on the higher side.

camp shower

7. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower:
– Pros: Easy to set up, affordable price, good water flow.
– Cons: Limited capacity (5 gallons), average durability.
– Price: $16.74

camp shower

How to Use and Maintain Your Camp-Shower

Setting Up Your Camp Shower

Setting up your camp-shower depends largely on the type of shower you have. Some showers like portable and solar-powered ones require minimal setup, while others like propane or battery-powered showers might need a bit more time and effort. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a successful setup.

Using Your Camp-Shower Safely

Safety should always be a priority when using a camp-shower. Always test the water temperature before using the shower to avoid burns. If you’re using a propane shower, make sure it’s properly ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Finally, consider the environment around you. Choose biodegradable soaps to protect the local flora and fauna.

Cleaning and Storing Your Camp Shower

Cleaning and storing your camping shower properly can significantly extend its lifespan. After each use, clean the shower according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Before storing, make sure all components are dry to prevent mold and mildew. Store the shower in a cool, dry place to keep it in good condition for your next camping trip.


Recap of the Best Camp Showers

In this guide, we explored various types of camp-showers and their features. From portable to solar-powered, each type offers unique benefits catering to different camping needs. We also delved into the reviews of the top 10 camp-showers available in the market, giving you a comprehensive view of what to expect from each model.In terms of portable camp- showers, the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower stood out as a top choice. With its large capacity and easy-to-use design, it provides a good amount of water for multiple showers. The Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower also received positive reviews for its compact size and powerful water flow.

For those looking for a more eco-friendly option, solar-powered camping showers are a great choice. The Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower impressed users with its durable construction and efficient heating capabilities. The Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower also received praise for its innovative design and ability to provide a strong and steady stream of water.

In addition to these options, there were several other noteworthy camping showers in the market. The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower was commended for its lightweight and compact design, making it ideal for backpackers. The Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower was praised for its large capacity and affordable price.

Overall, it is important to consider factors such as capacity, portability, ease of use, and durability when choosing a camping shower. By considering your specific camping needs and preferences, you can find the best camp-shower that suits your requirements.

Final thoughts on Choosing the Right Camp Shower for Your Needs

Choosing the right camp-shower comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like water capacity, heating method, portability, and durability while making your choice. And remember, no matter which type you choose, proper use and maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your camp-shower serves you well on many camping trips to come. Stay clean, stay refreshed, and keep exploring!

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