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Must-Visit Harvest Hosts Locations for an Unforgettable Fishing Trip

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For those who hear the call of the water, fishing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. It’s the thrill of the catch, the serenity of the water, and the connection with nature that makes each trip unforgettable. Across the country, there are hidden gems where the waters are teeming with fish, and the surroundings are just as breathtaking. Harvest Hosts can help make your dream fishing trip possible. Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that gives RVers unlimited overnight stays at unique locations with no camping fees. Harvest Hosts helps find RVers find unique, safe, and convenient places to stay, and also helps add more adventure to their travels.

Are there Harvest Hosts Locations geared to Fishing?

There are Harvest Hosts locations to suit every possible interest, including fishing. There are over 200 Harvest Hosts locations with great fishing opportunities, but these are 5 of our favorites. You will not be able to book a stay or see details of each Host location without a Harvest Hosts Membership, but these descriptions paint the picture of what you can expect.

Beachside Farmstay: Goats & Play


Located in a secluded area close to North Carolina’s coast is a hobby farm with small goats and free-range chickens. Enjoy the serenity of this farm, and head to the nearby beach to enjoy the weather and go fishing! This farm will enrich your fishing trip with local flavors and warm hospitality.

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Farm-Fresh Finds

harvest hosts farm fresh finds 562 x 421

Another Harvest Hosts location perfect for your fishing trip is this farm market located close to North Carolina’s inter-coastal waterway. This is the perfect spot to stock up on snacks, get a quick meal and hit the water, or buy ingredients to make your own picnic on the water. This store specializes in produce, wines, baked goods, and offers local products for sale.

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RV, Animals, and Fresh Produce

harvest hosts rv animals fresh produce 606 x 593

Stay in this small family farm and enjoy picking fresh wild blackberries, explore the walking trails, and meet the goats, chickens, ducks, and pigs! This is a great option for those looking to fish in Virginia.

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Bloom Oasis: Long Islands Nursery Haven

harvest hosts bloom oasis 624 x 468

This picturesque. wholesale nursery located in Long Island, New York is a great option for fishing enthusiasts. They sell annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs, close to fishing opportunities in the Long Island Sound.

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The Equestrian Estate with Aquatic Adventures

harvest hosts equestrian estate 624 x 468

If you’ve ever planned on fishing in Maine, staying at this Equestrian Estate is a great pick! This 28-acre equestrian facility is complete with a greenhouse and gardens  and is conveniently located near Birch Point Beach State Park, seaside villages, lighthouses, oyster farms, and lobster pounds. Enjoy a fishing trip of a lifetime!

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Enhance Your Fishing Trip with Harvest Hosts

Each of these destinations offers more than just a fishing trip; they offer an experience that captures the essence of adventure, relaxation, and connection with nature. From serene farm ponds to bustling coastal waters, rustic countrysides to elegant vineyards, and graceful equestrian estates, the perfect fishing getaway awaits. So pack your rods, set your sights on these must-visit locations, and prepare for an unforgettable journey where the fish are plentiful, and the memories are everlasting. Join Harvest Hosts today to unlock these fishing-friendly Host locations, and 200+ others!

About Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership program specifically designed for RVers, offering a unique alternative to traditional campgrounds. It connects RVers with a network of over a thousand wineries, breweries, farms, museums, and other attractions across North America where members can stay for 24 hours at no additional cost beyond their annual membership fee. This model presents a symbiotic relationship, as it allows RVers to experience new places and local businesses to gain potential customers.

To begin with, an examination of the agricultural partnerships is crucial because these involve various farms that range from produce-to-livestock focused operations. RVers have a chance to stay on working farms, offering them insights into the agricultural process and the opportunity to buy fresh produce. Depending on the specific farm, activities may include farm tours, fruit picking, or animal interaction. These experiences afford a deeper understanding of where food comes from and the work that goes into farming, often incorporating elements of agritourism.

Wineries and breweries offer a different kind of appeal. Not only do they provide scenic places to park, but they also allow for tastings and tours. Wine enthusiasts can learn about viticulture and the wine-making process, while beer aficionados can delve into the brewing world. Many of these establishments are small to medium-sized enterprises with their own unique stories and batches, giving RVers a taste of local culture and the chance to support local businesses.

Attractions, which can range from museums to zoos to botanical gardens, offer yet another avenue for exploration. Staying on such premises, members might get the chance to engage with attractions in an intimate setting, often after-hours when typical guests have left. This can provide a quiet, personal experience that’s quite distinct from visiting during regular operating hours.

Breweries, meanwhile, not only feature the allure of craft beer but may also offer events like live music or trivia nights. Such social atmospheres blend the enjoyment of new local flavors with the opportunity to meet fellow RVers and locals. For the people who own these venues, having Harvest Hosts members stay at their locations can translate to direct sales and word-of-mouth promotion.

Membership comes with certain expectations and etiquette. For instance, while the stays themselves do not come with a nightly fee, members are encouraged to support the businesses that host them through the purchase of their products or by participating in paid experiences they provide. Additionally, stays are generally limited to self-contained RVs, as most host sites do not offer hook-ups or public restrooms, preserving the hosts’ property and simplifying their hosting responsibilities.

Harvest Hosts’ uniqueness is that the experience is intrinsically respectful of both the host’s property and the member’s desire for authenticity. Whether it’s through peaceful nights under the stars at a vineyard or an interactive experience on a farm, there is an enrichment in travel that traditional RV parks may not offer. This alternative way to see the world encourages sustainable tourism and contributes to local economies.

Harvest Hosts harnesses an increasing desire for experiences that are both unique and intimate. The idea of being able to relax safely overnight in a scenic, hospitable environment without the bustle and density of a campground is appealing to many RV travelers. Furthermore, the opportunity to learn about regional crafts and trades, from winemaking to dairy farming, adds an educational component that can be especially valuable for families.

Moreover, the program provides a platform for hosts to market their businesses in a way that is consistent with a growing interest in sustainable and local travel. By opening their properties to RVers, they invite people who are ready and willing to engage with their products, creating an attractive avenue for commerce. In some cases, these visits can convert first-time visitors into loyal customers who return even when they are not traveling in their RV.

An area with room for exploration and growth is the use of technology within Harvest Hosts. Many RVers rely on robust technological tools for route planning, locating services, and sharing their experiences with others. Harvest Hosts offers an app that helps members to find and book stays with ease, demonstrating an understanding of the integration of digital resources into modern-day travel. Emerging technologies could further personalize these experiences or enhance engagement between the travelers and the hosts.

In essence, Harvest Hosts capitalizes on several key contemporary travel trends: the desire for authentic and personable experiences, the push towards sustainable tourism, and the integration of technologically driven solutions. The program comfortably nests itself within the overlap of the Venn diagram that makes up the RVing lifestyle, local commerce, and experiential travel, offering a distinctive proposition that serves both its members and its hosts.

The program is not without its potential challenges, such as managing expectations between hosts and guests, scaling up to include more diverse hosts, and maintaining the quality and consistency of experiences as the membership grows. Successful navigation of these challenges could determine the program’s longevity and impact.

In summary, Harvest Hosts presents a compelling opportunity for RVers and host sites alike. It offers more than just a place to park; it’s a chance to create memories, learn about local industries, and engage in a style of travel that honors intimacy and personal connection over more commercial accommodation options. As the program continues to develop and expand, it stands as a testament to the creative ways in which the sharing economy can be used to everyone’s benefit, seamlessly blending the joys of travel with the virtues of local commerce.

FAQs: Harvest Hosts Locations with Fishing

Is Harvest Hosts worth it?

Yes, Harvest Hosts is worth it for RVers looking for unique overnight stays at wineries, farms, and other attractions. The membership fee provides access to a network of hosts across North America, allowing travelers to stay overnight for free or at a minimal cost. It can be a budget-friendly, enjoyable option for those seeking memorable experiences on their journeys.

How many Harvest Hosts locations are there?

1,500+ locations.

Do hosts get paid for Harvest Hosts?

No, hosts do not get paid for participating in Harvest Hosts. It is encouraged to patronize the host business if possible.

Can you stay at a harvest host without a membership?

No, you need a membership to stay at a Harvest Host.

What’s the difference between Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome?

Harvest Hosts is a membership-based program that allows you to stay overnight at wineries, farms, and other unique locations for free, usually in exchange for supporting the host’s business. Boondockers Welcome, on the other hand, is a network of RV owners who offer free overnight parking on their private property.

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