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Camping Ontario – The Top 6 RV Campgrounds in the Province

For camping Ontario is one oif the best choices east of the Mississippi. Now, Ontario is mostly known for its highly populated cities like Toronto and Ottawa, but many don’t know that Ontario is quite popular with those RVing. Its unique mix of urban and smaller rural cities makes it a prime place to bring your RV and camp out. It is home to over 450 campgrounds for RVers allowing you to experience the wide diversity Ontario offers.

Top Ontario Campgrounds

Since there are so many, let’s go through the top 5 from across the province and their strengths and weaknesses!

Pinery Provincial Park

Located: 9526 Lakeshore Rd, Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0

Pinery Provincial Park is located along Lake Huron in Grand Bend, Ontario. The park is open year-round, and it invites many to camp on its 1,275 sites yearly. 404 of their sites are outfitted with electricity and many of them are perfect for RV camping. Their year-round availability caters to both the sun lover and the avid skier.

Enough about their background what makes this park so great for RVers? To begin, the Pinery holds the designation of being one of the 10 best places to go see the sunset in the world. That’s right, not just Ontario or even Canada, but the whole world. That says something about its beauty that all should experience. Also, they have 38 km of skiing trails in the winter, amazing walking trails for the rest of the seasons and they are home to rare dune systems and oak systems. It is the place to check out when you want to experience Ontario’s natural beauty and animals while RV camping!

                        Website: https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/pinery

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Located: 3004 County Rd 12, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

As the name suggests, this provincial park is best geared to the sun lover and beach fans. This park is well known for its sandy beaches and having the largest bay-mouth barrier dune in the world. Another Ontario Park with something to brag about.

While this park is open year-round with different amenities, its greatest attraction is in the summer season when the beaches are ready to enjoy. RV camping here is a great experience, and they have many sites fitted with electricity. The one thing to note about this camp is it is better not to have fires because you need to seek a campfire permit and wood from the park to have one. It’s best if you have cooking outlets and other necessities inside the RV in this park. Overall, it’s the place for those primarily interested in lounging on the beach!

                        Website: https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/sandbanks

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

Location: 4853 Highway 11/17, Kakabeka Falls, ON P0T 1W0

Even though it’s so far up north it is a park you must visit because of its beautiful falls. The park is also accessible to those in RVs which is not something every park can boast. They are home to many walking trails that allow you to see their rushing falls.

Also, this park has a rich Indigenous history. The park is home to many Indigenous signs and old works of the Ojibway telling their stories many of them about Princess Green Mantle. It is a beautiful history and a place to visit to learn more about the natural and historic importance of the area and surrounding populations.

 They offer overnight camping from May-October and are the best for those seeking to camp a bit more in touch with nature and rural areas.

Website: https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/kakabekafalls

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Located: 469 Cyprus Lake Rd, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0

Everyone knows about Tobermory and the beautiful waters they boast. I know I grew up hearing about how you must visit the Grotto once in your life to see the clearest water in Ontario. The Bruce Peninsula National Park is the campground to visit to see and experience this beauty. Also situated along Lake Huron it’s a park full of beauty.

This park is busier than others on this list and you often have to book months in advance to get a spot. This camp is more geared to those who can handle the busy and those who want to be closer to a city like Tobermory.

                        Website: https://parks.canada.ca/pn-np/on/bruce

Killbear Provincial Park

Located: 35 Eddie Ramsay Parkway, Nobel, ON P0G 1G0

Don’t let the name scare you away from this park! It is one of the most family-friendly campgrounds in Ontario! With Bouey-protected waters and friendly staff, it is the place to bring your family when RV camping. The area boasts beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets, not to mention the views you get of the nearby islands.

            Killbear is home to a lot of wildlife, including bears but doesn’t fret. They will not come up to your site as long as you keep your garbage put away. It’s easy to enjoy this campground and stay safe. It takes the cake for those looking to RV with families, just make sure you got all your summer fun essentials! With beautiful sights and wide availability for RVers, you have to check out Killbear!

                        Website: https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/killbear

Algonquin Provincial Park

Located: Hwy 60, P.O. Box 219 Whitney K0J 2M0

One of the most famous parks in Ontario and possibly even Canada! This is the oldest park in Ontario and is full of many different campsites for those looking to escape with their RVs. They are open year-round and book up fast so consider booking in advance when looking to come here.

For water lovers, they have an amazing river for you to enjoy water sports on, so strap up your canoe! They have lots of fun activities for youths and adults alike with programs like the “Public Wolf Howl” this occurs Thursday nights in August and is regarded as a fun time for all!

                        Website: https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/algonquin

So, What Now….

In this article, I have only addressed 5 of the hundreds of campgrounds Ontario boasts! It’s time for you to dig in, decide what parts are most important to you, book your trip, and gear up with all the essentials to go RVing in Ontario!

I guarantee you won’t regret visiting any of these campgrounds as they offer something different and beautiful to each visitor!

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Lacey Stenson
Lacey Stenson
My name is Lacey Stenson and I am a second year student at Carleton University in the Criminology and Criminal Justice program with a concentration in law. I am passionate about getting outdoors and camping! I feel that it's important for everyone to experience time outdoors and what better way to do it than by camping. My other interests include painting, reading and volunteering!
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