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Truck Lighting Systems & Light Bars: A Buyer’s Guide

Truck lighting systems might not come to mind when you think about customizing or upgrading your vehicle. However, the lightning systems on your vehicle are crucial to your safety on the road, especially when driving at night or in low-light conditions. In a majority of countries, there is enforcement on proper lighting. This is because it is a legal requirement for all vehicles.

No matter your use case for your truck, lighting is important. This can be applied for your truck being used for work, off-roading, or simply commuting. Any of these situations require a working lighting system. As seen, truck lighting systems have a lot of use cases. This is particularly important for brake lights, taillights, and turn signals, which indicate your intentions to other drivers and help prevent accidents. So, let’s shed some light and keep you safe on the road.

Types of Truck Lights

There are several types of lights that make up a truck’s lighting system, each with its own specific function. The most common types of truck lights include:

Brake Lights

Brake lights are arguably the most important safety feature of any vehicle. To reiterate, they help drivers prepare when you’re slowing down or coming to a stop. Obviously, this allows other drivers to react and avoid a collision. As seen, it’s important to ensure that both brake lights are functioning properly, as a single burnt-out bulb can increase your risk of an accident.

Tail Lights

Tail lights are on the back of the vehicle. Many people confuse this with brake lights, however, there is a keen difference. Brake lights indicate that you’re slowing down or stopping. However, tail lights stay on continuously throughout driving and make your vehicle more visible to other drivers. For example, taillights are most commonly visible after sunset. In addition to helping prevent accidents, taillights help others guesstimate the distance between their car you’re your car which is important when driving at night or in inclement weather.

Truck Light Bars

Truck light bars are a popular aftermarket accessory. They are a row of bright LED lights that provide additional lighting when driving off-road or in low-light conditions. While some truck light bars are designed for aesthetics, many offer a practical purpose in improving visibility and safety.

Some examples of different variations of lighting include single-row, double-row, and curved light bars. Single-row light bars are one row of LED lights and are often used as fog lights or to illuminate the sides of the road. Double-row light bars have two rows of lights and are generally more powerful, providing bright lights for off-roading or driving in remote areas.

With any aftermarket accessory, remember to check compatibility with your truck’s make and model first. Remember to check the brightness of the lights, the type of light pattern, and the overall design and durability of the light bar.

LED Taillights

LED taillights are an upgrade path that offer more energy-efficient, brighter, and longer-lasting lights. They produce less heat, which helps prevent unnecessary short circuiting or interference with the rest of the vehicle’s electrics.

LED taillights come in different designs such as clear lenses to smoked or tinted lenses that provide a more customized look. Some LED taillights have additional features, such as turn signals or backup lights. This provides extra benefits for the owner in various situations.

LED taillights also provide aesthetic and performance value to your truck. If you ever plan to resell your truck on the second-hand market or to a dealership, LED taillights can possibly increase the value of your vehicle more and attract more potential buyers.

When installing LED taillights, remember to always consult the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. They usually provide specific instructions and give you tips on how to check if the lights are securely mounted and wired. Improper installation can possibly damage your truck but also be a safety hazard in the future.

Custom Taillights

Custom taillights help a truck owner showcase their unique and individual style and enhance the appearance of their vehicle. As discussed, all lights come in various forms and colors which gives your truck a distinctive look from other similar models.

Some examples of custom taillights are smoked or tinted lenses. These types of lights provide a modern look to your vehicle. Some taillights are mounted along the edges of the tailgate or truck bed for added visibility and style. Some newer variations have included RGB (multi-color) lights, and custom made turn signals.

When choosing custom taillights, remember to double check its compatibility with your truck’s make and model. Of course, remember to check if your vehicle also complies with local regulations. Some areas heavily regulate the color and brightness of taillights, so do your due diligence and research your local laws before purchasing products.

Custom taillights are a great way to upgrade your truck’s appearance but be sure to choose high-quality lights from a reputable manufacturer. We’d recommend not doing a DIY job and having your lights installed by a professional for extra safety and precaution.


In conclusion, a truck’s lighting system plays a crucial role in ensuring one’s safety on the road. From brake lights to taillights, each component is important and must be functioning properly.

As seen, there are many pathways to upgrading your truck’s lighting system. For example, one can go from LED tail lights to custom tail lights and truck light bars.

To reiterate, a well-functioning lighting system keeps you safe on the road but greatly enhances the appearance and aesthetics of your truck. So, do not rush to research your options and remember to account for all factors when choosing the best lighting system for your needs.

We strive to ensure this article is helpful in understanding the various types of truck lights and their importance in keeping you safe on the road. As always, consult different sources such as YouTube, blogs, or seek a professional’s advice when you are stumped.

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