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Your RV Bathroom Sink and 10 More Must Have Items for an RV Bathroom


We will discover the perfect essentials to elevate your RV bathroom experience. Uncover the safety and convenience of a bathroom nightlight, while also optimizing storage with shelving units. Keep your shower essentials tidy with a shower caddy and towels dry on a laundry line. Choose between a dry or wet bathroom setup, as well as consider upgrading to a vacuum flush toilet and sink and vanity. Save space by combining the shower and toilet, and don’t forget a convenient toilet paper holder. Finally, ensure cleanliness with holding tank treatment for an odor-free bathroom.

When you have all the right essentials for your RV bathroom, vacationing can be a fantastic experience!

Don’t Get Spooked – Get a Bathroom Nightlight!

If you are someone who wakes up throughout the night for a bathroom visit, you should consider the installation of a nightlight! It can provide both safety and convenience during nighttime visits. RV bathrooms are usually a confined space, and you may sleepily bump into some sharp corners when you are half asleep. Therefore, a nightlight ensures a peace of mind in avoiding this and getting spooked. There are various options available, but I suggest choosing a nightlight that is compact, energy-efficient, and offers adjustable brightness! A nightlight with adjustable brightness can provide a lovely ambiance, as well as allowing you to comfortably use the facilities without disturbing your fellow campers.

The bathroom nightlight is then a must-have item to enhance your RV bathroom experience!

Maximize Your Space: Utilize Shelving Units

Another must-have item for your RV bathroom is shelving units! When you incorporate them into your RV bathroom, this allows for a functional and tidy oasis on the road. RV Shelving units are necessary in maximizing storage space and organization in your RV bathroom. As there is limited room available in such a confined space, investing in a well-designed and compact shelving unit is a game-changer! You can utilize what little space you may have by adding shelves above the toilet or in empty corners. These units can hold toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials, keeping them within easy reach and minimizing clutter. Look for sturdy and lightweight options that are easy to install and can withstand the rigors of travel.

Hang up a Shower Caddy

In the confined space of an RV bathroom, shower caddies prove to be indispensable for keeping your shower essentials organized and easily accessible. These compact and portable organizers can be hung from showerheads or attached to the walls, providing designated storage for shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other bathing necessities. Look for caddies with secure pockets and drainage holes to prevent water buildup. If you use a shower caddy, you can declutter your shower area, save space, and enjoy a convenient and well-organized bathing experience while on the road!

What about Laundry?

A laundry line is a must-have addition to your RV bathroom, offering a simple yet efficient solution for drying wet towels, swimsuits, and laundry. As mentioned, RVs have limited space, so a retractable laundry line can be easily installed in your bathroom, allowing you to hang clothes and linens without taking up precious floor or storage space. This practical item eliminates the need for bulky drying racks and promotes quick drying while on the go. Embrace the convenience of a laundry line in your RV bathroom to keep your essentials fresh and ready for your next adventure! Further, why not try a collapsible laundry basket? This can allow you to maximize even more space.

Choosing Between Dry or Wet Bathrooms

When you are designing your RV bathroom, you should consider the choice between a dry or wet bathroom configuration.  A dry bathroom features a separate shower stall, keeping the toilet area dry during showers and offering a more traditional bathroom experience. However, a wet bathroom combines shower and toilet space, utilizing a drain in the floor to contain water. You should consider your preferences and space limitations when deciding between the two options, as both offer unique advantages. I suggest opting for the ideal dry or wet bathroom configuration to suit your needs and enhance your RV bathroom experience!

Consider the Efficiency of Vacuum Flush Toilets

Vacuum flush toilets are a game-changer for RV bathrooms, offering efficient and water-saving waste disposal! These toilets have powerful suction which uses minimal water while effectively removing waste, making them perfect for boondocking or conserving resources. Vacuum flush toilets are compact, easy to clean, and feature an all-encompassing design that maximizes space in your RV bathroom. Therefore, upgrading to a vacuum flush toilet will elevate your RV bathroom experience to the next level. Further, you can enjoy the convenience of a modern and eco-friendly toilet that ensures cleanliness and functionality on your travels.

Is it time to upgrade your sink and vanity?

It might be time to enhance your RV bathroom with a sink and vanity upgrade. This can revolutionize your daily routine on the road. A well-designed sink and vanity not only add a touch of style but also provide practicality and convenience. I suggest you look for compact, space-saving options that offer sufficient storage for toiletries and bathroom essentials. If you upgrade to a modern sink with a functional faucet and a well-designed vanity with ample counter space – this can surely transform your RV bathroom into a functional and comfortable oasis. Therefore, take my suggestion: invest in a sink and vanity upgrade to elevate your RV bathroom experience to new heights!

Should you combine your RV shower and toilet?

Space is limited in RV bathrooms, so a great solution is combining the shower and toilet area. This innovative design optimizes the limited space by integrating both functionalities into a compact unit. If you have both a combined shower and toilet, you can maximize efficiency without sacrificing comfort. These space-saving configurations often include a drain in the floor to contain water and prevent moisture buildup. This allows you to embrace the convenience of a combined shower and toilet and enjoy the benefits of a versatile and efficient RV bathroom setup during your travels!

Don’t Forget About a Toilet Paper Holder!

A toilet paper holder is an essential accessory for keeping your supplies organized and easily accessible. Avoid the frustration of misplaced or unraveled toilet paper by investing in a sturdy and compact holder designed specifically for RVs! You can do so by choosing a wall-mounted or freestanding option that securely holds your toilet paper roll, preventing it from getting wet or rolling away during travel.

Holding Tank Treatment

The final must-have item in this list is holding tank treatment. If you want to maintain a clean and odor-free RV bathroom – this is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. This item breaks down waste, controls odors, and promotes proper functioning of your RV’s holding tanks. You can find holding tank treatments that are eco-friendly, easy to use, and effective in preventing clogs and buildup. Further, if you wish to read on any more must-have items for your next RV trip, check out this list!

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