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Find the Ultimate RV Blogs and Vlog Recommendations – Featuring Our Favorite Sites!

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Embarking on an adventure in a recreational vehicle (RV) can be thrilling, but it also comes with its share of questions and challenges. To help you navigate through these, we have compiled a list of top RV blogs and vlogs for you to follow. These sites offer a wealth of knowledge on everything from RV maintenance tips to hidden travel destinations. Let’s get started with our favorite RV blogs and vlog recommendations!

1. The Wandering RV
The Wandering RV is a comprehensive resource for all things RV-related. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, including RV maintenance, DIY projects, travel tips, and campground reviews. They also have a YouTube channel where they share their adventures on the road.

2. Gone With the Wynns
Gone With the Wynns is a popular RV blogs and vlogs created by Jason and Nikki Wynn. Their blog features in-depth articles on RV living, travel guides, and product reviews. Their YouTube channel showcases their experiences and provides valuable insights into life on the road.

3. RV Love
RV Love is a blog and YouTube channel run by Marc and Julie Bennett, full-time RVers since 2014. Their website offers practical advice on RVing, including tips for choosing the right RV, maintenance, and navigating the RV lifestyle. Their vlogs provide a glimpse into their nomadic journey and share inspiring stories from the road.

4. Technomadia
Technomadia is a unique blog and vlog that focuses on the intersection of technology and RV living. Chris and Cherie, the duo behind Technomadia, share their expertise in mobile internet, RV upgrades, and remote working while traveling. Their content is informative and caters to tech-savvy RV enthusiasts.

5. RV Family Travel Atlas
RV Family Travel Atlas is a blog and podcast that caters specifically to families traveling in RVs. Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi provide valuable information on family-friendly campgrounds, destination ideas, and tips for traveling with kids. Their podcast episodes feature interviews with experts and fellow RVing families.

6. The Fit RV
The Fit RV is a blog and YouTube channel that combines RV travel with fitness and healthy living. James and Stef offer workout routines tailored for RVers, as well as tips for staying active and eating well on the road. Their blog also covers RV product reviews and travel guides.

7. Drivin’ & Vibin’
Drivin’ & Vibin’ is a blog and YouTube channel run by Kyle and Olivia, who have been living and traveling in their vintage Airstream since 2015. Their content focuses on boondocking, alternative RV living, and DIY projects. They share practical tips, campground recommendations, and showcase their off-grid adventures.

These are just a few of our favorite RV blogs and vlogs that provide valuable information and inspiration for RV enthusiasts. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or


The rising popularity of RV blogs and vlogs

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of RV blogs and vlogs. This is largely due to the increasing interest in RVing, particularly among millennials who are drawn to the freedom and flexibility it offers. With the rise of digital media, more people are turning to blogs and vlogs for information on how to make the most out of their RV experiences.

Why finding the right RV blogs or vlog is important

With the vast number of RV blogs and vlogs available, finding the right one for your needs can greatly enhance your RVing experience. The right blog or vlog can provide valuable insights into RV living, including maintenance tips, travel recommendations, and even advice on purchasing the right RV. Additionally, they often feature reviews of RV products, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Top RV Blogs

Blog 1: Description and highlights

The first blog on our list is “The Fit RV”. As the name suggests, this blog focuses on staying healthy and fit while living the RV lifestyle. It’s run by a couple, James and Stef, who are fitness enthusiasts. They share workout routines that can be done in an RV, healthy meal plans, and tips on staying mentally healthy while traveling. Not only does this blog offer unique content, but it also provides a fresh perspective on RV living.

Blog 2: Description and highlights

“RV Lifestyle” is another fantastic blog run by Mike and Jennifer Wendland, who have been traveling and living in an RV for over a decade. Their blog offers a wealth of information on different types of RVs, travel destinations, and practical tips on RV living. One of the highlights of this blog is their “Ask Us Anything” section where they answer reader questions, offering personalized advice based on their extensive experience.

Blog 3: Description and highlights

“Technomadia” is a blog run by technomads Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard. This blog is a great resource for those interested in balancing work and travel. They cover topics like mobile internet solutions, work-life balance while on the road, and reviews of tech gadgets useful for RVers. Also, they share their journey of converting a vintage bus into a fully-equipped mobile home, which is truly inspiring for DIY enthusiasts.

Top RV Vlogs

Vlog 1: Description and highlights

First up among vlogs is “Keep Your Daydream”. Marc and Trish, along with their three kids, document their adventures as they travel across North America in their RV. Their videos are both entertaining and informative, covering a wide range of topics from RV tours, to how-to guides, to travel documentaries. They also focus heavily on family life on the road, making it a great resource for families considering the RV lifestyle.

Vlog 2: Description and highlights

“Gone With The Wynns” is a compelling vlog run by Jason and Nikki Wynn, who started off as RVers and later switched to sailing. Their content is diverse, featuring tour videos, DIY guides, and even cooking segments. What makes this vlog stand out is their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly traveling, providing valuable insights into how one can travel responsibly.while still enjoying the beauty of the world.

In Vlog 2, “Gone With The Wynns” takes viewers on an exciting adventure as they set sail to explore the stunning Caribbean islands. The vlog begins with a mesmerizing aerial shot of their sailboat gliding through crystal-clear turquoise waters, immediately capturing the viewer’s attention and setting the tone for the entire video.

Throughout the vlog, Jason and Nikki share their experiences of living on a sailboat and offer useful tips for those interested in sailing or wanting to embark on a similar journey. They showcase the process of preparing the boat for departure, including checking the engine, securing the sails, and ensuring everything is in working order.

As they sail from one island to another, the vlog highlights the breathtaking scenery and picturesque landscapes. Viewers are treated to stunning shots of palm-fringed beaches, vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, and majestic sunsets over the horizon. Jason and Nikki also take the opportunity to engage with locals, immersing themselves in the unique cultures and traditions of each island they visit.

The vlog also features a segment on sustainable living while sailing. Jason and Nikki explain how they minimize their impact on the environment by using solar panels for energy, collecting rainwater for daily use, and practicing responsible waste management. They stress the importance of preserving the delicate ecosystems they encounter and encourage viewers to adopt similar practices in their own travels.

One of the highlights of the vlog is a cooking segment where Nikki demonstrates how to prepare a delicious seafood dish using freshly caught fish. She showcases her culinary skills while incorporating sustainable fishing practices, emphasizing the importance of sourcing food responsibly even in remote locations.

Overall, Vlog 2 of “Gone With The Wynns” is a captivating and informative video that showcases the couple’s passion for sustainable travel and their love for exploring the world’s natural wonders. With its stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and valuable insights, this vlog is sure to inspire viewers to embark on their own eco-friendly adventures.

Vlog 3: Description and highlights

Lastly, “Less Junk, More Journey” is a vlog that documents the journey of a family who sold their house to live full-time in an RV. Nathan and Marissa, along with their daughter, share the challenges and joys of minimalistic living on the road. Their vlog offers practical advice on downsizing, budgeting, and homeschooling, making it a must-watch for anyone considering the full-time RV lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best RV Blogs or Vlogs for Your Needs

Determine your interests and preferences

Firstly, identify what you’re most interested in learning about the RV lifestyle. Are you looking for practical tips on maintaining your RV? Or are you more interested in travel destinations and road trip ideas? Maybe you’re looking for inspiration on living minimally on the road. By identifying your interests, you can narrow down the blogs and vlogs that would be most beneficial to you.

Research and read reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your interests, do some research on different blogs and vlogs. Read reviews and check out their social media pages to see if they’re reliable and consistent with their content. Remember, you want to follow sites that regularly update their content as the RV industry and lifestyle are constantly evolving.

Consider the content and style

Blogs and vlogs each have their unique style of presenting information. Some are more formal and detailed, while others adopt a casual and conversational tone. Some focus more on visuals, like photos and videos, while others provide in-depth written content. Consider what type of content and style resonates with you the most.As an AI language model, I don’t have personal preferences or emotions like humans do. However, I can provide you with some general insights on the different types of content and styles that resonate with people.

When it comes to content, different individuals have varying interests and preferences. Some may find written content more engaging as it allows for in-depth information and analysis. Written blogs often provide detailed explanations, research findings, and step-by-step guides. This type of content is popular among those seeking to gain knowledge or solve specific problems.

On the other hand, visual content like photos and videos can be more appealing to those who prefer a more interactive and immersive experience. Vlogs, for instance, enable creators to showcase their personalities, share experiences, and present information in a dynamic and engaging manner. Visual content is often more suited for entertainment, lifestyle, travel, or fashion-related topics where visuals play a significant role.

In terms of style, some people prefer a formal and professional tone. They appreciate well-structured and articulate content that maintains a certain level of seriousness and objectivity. This style is often found in educational, scientific, or business-related blogs and vlogs.

Conversely, others prefer a more casual and conversational tone. This style tends to create a sense of familiarity and connection between the content creator and the audience. It can be seen in lifestyle, personal development, or storytelling blogs and vlogs, where the emphasis is on building a relationship and engaging with the audience on a more personal level.

Ultimately, the choice of content and style depends on your personal preferences, the topic you are interested in, and the purpose of consuming the content. It’s important to find the type that resonates with you the most, as it will enhance your overall enjoyment and understanding of the material.

Look for reliable and experienced bloggers or vloggers

Finally, look for bloggers and vloggers who have substantial experience with RVing. Those who’ve been on the road for years can provide valuable insights that beginners may not be aware of. Additionally, experienced RVers often have a wide network within the RV community, which can be beneficial for getting advice or help when needed.


In conclusion, the world of RV blogs and vlogs is rich and diverse, offering a wealth of information for both novice and seasoned RVers. By finding the right blog or vlog for your needs, you can enhance your RVing experience, learn from others’ experiences, and even join a community of like-minded individuals. We hope our list helps you find your perfect RV blogs or vlogs, and we wish you happy travels!

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